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Dealer Sports Store Benefits


  • Dealer Sports will manage inventory and pricing.
  • Site is prepared and maintained for you.
  • Database and inventory is updated daily.
  • Images and product information are current.
  • Your customers can purchase from Dealer Sports entire product line.
  • No software development costs.
  • No credit card fees.
  • We handle customer service.
  • No computer systems failure issues.
  • Inexpensive annual fee. - (See Fee Schedule)
  • Increased sales.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Start selling product immediately.
  • Twenty-four hour sales operation.
  • No Hosting fees.
  • No inventory or warehousing.



Setting up and maintaining a web site with Dealer Sports, LLC can be a very inexpensive proposition — particularly when compared to a traditional “brick and mortar” shop. Furthermore, the cost of processing an electronic transaction is a generally a small fraction of the cost of processing an order by phone or in person. Once put into service, a web site will pay dividends for many years into the future with a minimum of fuss and overhead.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Many companies are turning to the Internet to purchase the supplies and services that they rely on to operate their businesses. The Web is seen as a simpler, faster and less expensive alternative to traditional paper-based supply management processes. Even electronic data interchange (EDI), regarded just a few short years ago as cutting edge supply chain technology is on the verge of becoming obsolete as companies shift to a web-based architecture.

The Internet promises seamless connectivity, expedited shipments and streamlined tracking and monitoring capabilities. The paperwork and compatibility problems that have plagued supply departments for decades are giving way to real-time electronic order processing. With round-the-clock availability, “just-in-time” inventory management will begin to become a reality for millions of small businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively with their larger competitors.

Unlimited Inventory Capability

The most successful on-line retailers have shown that by having a “virtual inventory” of thousands of products, they can satisfy the demands of a vast and diverse audience. This capability has allowed aggressive “cyber-retailers” to quickly build market share.

Traditional retail establishments have obvious limitations on what they can reasonably offer in a store or catalogue. No store, for example, could reasonably house every known product. On-line storage, searching and retrieval capacity, on the other hand, is virtually unlimited. Companies like Amazon.com have exploited this fact to considerable advantage. Retail boundaries will continue to be redrawn over the next decade as the Internet redefines the industry.

Access To Millions Of Potential Customers

The World Wide Web opens your business up to literally millions of potential customers. Some estimates indicate that, within the next decade, close to a billion people worldwide will have access to the Web. The implications of this are profound. Established and start-up companies alike are taking advantage of this incredible new marketing medium. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell Computer, one of the early pioneers in Internet commerce now garners about $2.2 billion per year in annual sales from the Internet (see WSJ, December 7, 1998, Internet Supplement, “Click and Buy”, George Anders, page R4).

Customers Expect It!

You rarely see a company advertisement anymore that is not accompanied by the familiar Internet address caption “www.company.com”. The momentum of the Internet is so extraordinarily powerful that it would be a grave mistake to underestimate its potential importance — regardless of the type of business you are in.

Gateway To The World

The Internet is by no means a U.S. phenomenon. The immediate electronic dispersal of breaking global news to remote destinations is a testimony to the far-reaching impact of the Internet. Businesses are quickly coming to realize that the Internet is becoming the portal to the world — breaking down marketing and communications barriers and opening up vast new global markets.

Open for Business Twenty-four Hours Per Day

A good Internet site keeps on working twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Orders can be processed, information provided and marketing information gathered around the clock.

No Geographic Restrictions, Barriers Or Boundaries

Your company's web site will be as accessible to someone on the West Coast as it will be to someone in Middle America. A good Internet-based marketing program is an excellent way to expand the geographic scope of your business without the expense and complication of opening up and managing additional stores or offices.

In Store Sales

A brick-and-mortar store cannot stock as many items as a well produced Internet store. Use your web site as a tool customers can use when in your store to purchase items that you do not stock.

Cross-selling works both from Web site to store and vice versa. For example, both Nordstrom and Office Depot use an in-store Internet presence to allow consumers to buy products that are out of stock in the brick-and-mortar outlet.

Nordstrom salespeople have Internet access at the point-of-sale. So, if a particular item is out of stock, the salesperson is able to order it for customers online and have it shipped to their home.

Office Depot also uses in-store kiosks to allow consumers to purchase items that are out of stock. Some customers also use the in-store kiosks to purchase large and bulky items for home delivery.

Electronic Payment And Order Processing

We provide an on-line payment and order processing system that creates simple and rapid transactions. Electronic (debit and credit card) payments are immediate and becoming more secure by the day. From a small business perspective, electronic payments are favorable because of their positive impact on cash flow. As the Internet becomes more secure however, expect to see a much higher proportion of payments occurring electronically for Internet-based transactions. Dealer Sports, LLC handles all of the electronic payments.

Eliminate Inventory

The Internet can potentially reduce a company's reliance on inventory. Dealer Sports, LLC is your fulfillment center of thousands of products your customers will be searching for. The cost to inventory this many products would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Using our system, the cost is $0!

The Internet Is Interactive

Our web stores are properly designed so customers will be able to conduct personalized product searches; communicate requests, desires, and concerns; and receive post-sale support — all from the comfort of their home or office.

Maximum Impulse Potential

Because shoppers can purchase your products on-line with a few clicks of a mouse, the step from window shopper to product owner is a small one. A well-scripted ad line can quickly convert browsers to paying customers.

No Shoplifting Potential

You can leave your site unattended for hours or days with no fear of product shrinkage due to shoplifting or employee theft. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most retail establishments — many of which spend a considerable sum of money on security.

Ability To Customize Electronic Advertising

The Internet allows astute companies to capture a substantial amount of detailed marketing information on customers and prospective customers. As business owners become more aware of the characteristics and preferences of their customer base, they will be in a position to tailor their advertisements to specific groups or individuals. These targeted advertisements can be sent instantaneously and virtually without cost to multiple customers.

Many companies set up electronic “guest lists”, allowing visitors to “sign in” and receive product updates, electronic catalogues and other company information. Other companies take this a step further, providing prospective customers with special passwords that confer access to “exclusive” products and information (in exchange for a certain amount of detailed customer information).

Everyone knows that one of the biggest things standing in the way of the real e-commerce explosion is mere demographics. That is, old folks. Everyone knows when computer-friendly teenagers and young adults get older they’ll buy everything online and the e-commerce revolution will be complete. There may be no real world stores left by then, only warehouses and delivery trucks. Well, everyone may be wrong. When it comes to retailers selling things online, more than one-third of American online consumers prefer to buy from web retailers that have a physical presence in the offline world, according to new study from Digital Idea. And here’s the kicker: The age group with the most pronounced preference for the so-called clicks-and-mortar approach are those under 25--44 percent of them prefer web sites backed by a real-world store. A bit less surprisingly, this is a sentiment shared by older internet users. The study says that 41 percent of online consumers aged 55 and above also prefer shopping at web sites with brick-and-mortar stores.

There are several reasons a Web site will be beneficial to your company:

  • You suddenly are on an equal footing, opportunity wise with the largest companies.
  • You can reach a potential 80 million Americans and approximately 200 million people worldwide (U.S. Department of Commerce), or reach a strong, qualified market locally. See this article from ZDNet News explaining how you are a business with a global presence.
  • You have free demographics and market research gathering capability from both the Internet and from visitors to your Web site.
  • You can gather information about your competitors who are on-line as well as information that can help your business in general.
  • You can allow customers to access information about your company; obtain product and service information, support, updates, and news.
  • You will reduce phone charges, fax charges, paper, mailing costs, printing costs, and office personnel.
  • You will participate in a fast-growing, interactive, multimedia environment at a fraction of traditional print and television advertising costs.
  • You will increase profit!

Did you know that…

  • Small businesses that use the Internet have grown 46% faster than those that do not. (American City Business Journals)
  • Forty-four percent of U.S. companies are selling online; 36% more say they will do so by the end of the year. (Association of National Advertisers)
  • High-tech has driven more than a quarter of all economic growth since 1993. (U.S. Department of Commerce)
  • Number of pages on the Web: 800 million. (NEC Research Institute)
  • Mediamark Research Inc. has released data which suggests that there are 64.2 million adults going online in the U.S. every month.
  • 56 percent of U.S. companies will sell their products online by 2000, up from 24 percent in 1998. (NUA)
  • A survey of 30,000 consumers in 30 nations found that the U.S. not only has the fastest-growing number of Internet users, but the largest proportion of e-commerce consumers. (Roper Starch Worldwide)
  • 25% of Web users have household incomes exceeding $80,000.00 per year. (A. C. Nielsen)
  • 64% of Web users hold college degrees. (A. C. Nielsen)
  • On-line usage of the Internet exceeds total rental video play time nationwide. (A. C. Nielsen)
  • The largest age group of Internet users is between 25 and 44 years of age. (A. C. Nielsen)