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Help Desk Information

The Help desk is needed in today's fast paced electronic age, because customers demand excellent customer service. Many businesses underestimate this, however we do not. We pride ourselves on our customer service.

  • The HelpDesk offers peace of mind because you are always kept informed throughout the duration of the call.
  • You can add a call with or without tracking.
  • No client software needed. With a web browser, you can log in (at any time) to check the status or update a call.
  • The HelpDesk automatically recognizes you and fills in most of the forms automatically. For example: (When you add a new call, it fills in your name, email and website info for you. This makes your life just a little easier).
  • Automatic screen directing keeps it simple.
  • Unique reference numbers are assigned for peace of mind.
  • You can read the news/status before you add a new call which may answer some questions concerning known issues.
  • If needed, the HelpDesk allows you to work directly with your assigned customer support person.
  • You can reopen closed calls.
  • You can browse and search the F.A.Q. (knowledgebase) to help to answer common questions quickly.

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